Talk Like a Pirate Day

Now for a little silliness…

September 19 is “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  No, you don’t get the day off from school or work.  It’s not that kind of holiday, I’m afraid.  It’s just a day of silliness and fun.

Here are some rules for talking like a pirate:

  1. Lots of R’s (this is great practice for native speakers of Korean and other languages)
  2. Ahoy! = hello!
  3. Me mateys = my friends, you guys
  4. Ye = you
  5. Be = am/are/is/were

Here are some websites for Talk Like a Pirate Day, both American (especially for kids) and British.  

In our classrooms, we have several pirate books:

So when you see your friends today, yell (if you’re outside – pirates spend a lot of time outside): “Ahoy, me mateys!  Be ye talking like pirates, too?  Arrrr!”

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