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Boston Book Fest is this weekend!

Boston Book Fest is this weekend. I’ve gone for the past four years and loved it every time. There are amazing author panels, kids activities, food trucks, and a crowd of people who love books. After the presentations, authors are usually available to sign their books. When the crowds get to be too much, I find a seat in the Boston Public Library’s courtyard (I hope it will be warm enough tomorrow) with a snack and a notebook, and write down all the inspiring thoughts that are buzzing around my head.
Because of my work as a tutor – and because I love children’s literature best of all – I tend to focus on the kids’ and teens’ activities. This year, Louis Sachar and Libba Bray are presenting at the same time and I can’t figure out which presentation to go to. Help!

Grammar Bonus

Yes, I know that for most people a grammar bonus isn’t as much fun as bonuses should be, but I wanted a little something to apologize for being MIA recently.

Yesterday, Allison and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts and saw the Gems of Rajput Painting exhibit.  (It leaves on September 3, but it is just one room with a wealth of beautiful art, so go see it if you can!)  One of the walls had this text:

There is a very small mistake … can you find it?

Hint 1
A comma is missing.
Hint 2
A comma near some adjectives is missing.
Hint 3
In the second sentence, a comma near some adjectives is missing.
Hint 4
And the solution
There should be a comma after the word “wild.” It’s furious anger; it’s even wild anger!

I’m not sharing this with you to laugh at this mistake.  It is a super-sneaky mistake that both Allison and I missed on the first reading.  Instead, think about how hard it is to be perfect when using English … and think about whether the mistake (if you can even find it!) affects the sign.  It doesn’t affect the meaning significantly, or the reader’s ability to understand.  Personally, it doesn’t affect my respect for the person who wrote this, because I care more about the interesting ideas they are teaching me and about the exciting images they are bringing to life inside my mind.

My goal for my students is for them to be able to communicate well, and that is something this sign does.  If you can do it with 100% perfect grammar all the time then I am really, truly, extremely impressed … because I have never yet met someone who can.

(I am nervous about posting this because there is probably a mistake here, too.  However, I think I have written well enough that you can understand me, even though I am not perfect, either!)

Weekend Fun: WGBH FunFest

PBS is a TV network respected for its advertisement-free shows like children’s favorites Curious George, Arthur, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  This Sunday from noon-6pm, your family can enjoy ice cream and live music while meeting these characters at the WGBH FunFest.

Tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults at the door.  Boston Central’s website has the address and hours.  (While you’re there, sign up for Boston Central’s weekly email which will keep you informed about all the best family events around the city.) server headers