A Little Sad News

This week we have some bad news.  Our resident cat, Nimue, is very sick.  She cannot walk (it is a neurological problem called ataxia) and she is taking very strong medicine that makes her sleep even more than usual.  🙁

Many of our students love to ask about Nimmy, and we welcome their questions at this time.  This is a sad but necessary part of life, a good lesson to have in a comfortable environment.  (Nimmy might enjoy a get-well-soon letter!)

Because she cannot walk, I am keeping her near me as much as possible to help her drink water during the day.  I know some students are uncomfortable around cats, and for those classes, Nimmy will be downstairs in her usual spot.  Please let me know if your child has an allergy or would for any other reason be more comfortable with the cat downstairs during his or her class.

Important facts for the students:

— Nimue is 16 years old (very old for a cat!) and has had a wonderful life full of toys, yummy treats, and people she loves.

— She is still purring and looking out the window at the birds.  In her bed is a wool sweater which reminds her of being a baby kitten with her mother.

— Although her body is weak, the vet has given her medicine so she is not in pain.

— Taking care of a sick animal is different from taking care of a sick person because they cannot speak and tell us what hurts.  That is one reason Nimmy’s medicine is so strong.

— We are all sad about her illness and hope she gets better soon, but the most important thing for us is to keep her comfortable and happy.

I am sorry to bring a sad post to you, but thank you all for your patience and understanding.

***Your child’s comfort and ability to pay attention is my #1 priority during the lesson, so please do not hesitate to request a cat-free lesson.***  🙂

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